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G-VAP - professional solution for Automobile Evaporator Cleaning and Sanitation
Annual Cleaning of Automobile Air Condition Evaporator is a must for clean and fresh air flow.

G-VAP provides Innovative, Safe & Quick Evaporator Cleaning without needs to dismantle the evaporator.

Highly standard Quality of Material and Chemical Cleaning for ease of works

G-VAP removes dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, algae and micro-oragnism in the A/C system, by targeting of cleaning the evaporator or cooling coil. G-VAP is one stop solution for cleaning, sanitizing and protecting the evaporator coil. G-VAP uses next generation of Cleaning process which allow the process to be conducted, without requires Refrigerant Evacuation and Car Cooling System Dismantling which costly and time consuming

The cleaning process DOES NOT requires complete dismantle of car's dashboard. The whole process requires only  30 to 45 minutes only.

Save time to car owner, car workshop, quick return of  investemet for G-VAP workshop owner
Car Air Conditioner is often more polluted than outdoors. The level of pollutants can be as much as 20-30 times than outdoors. The such of poor air quaility can cause or contribute to wide array of air quality problem from asthma and respiratory tract infection to severe allergic or virus/bacteria infection. Regular Car A/C cleaning is highly recommended for fresh, clean & healthy air. 
G-VAP uses automatic algorythym, the cleaning process is controlled by micro processor to ensure the cleaning is done perfectly.

The chemical cleaning agent is formulated in USA, and has been tested to ensure safety for the evaporator coil itself.

The thorough cleaning & sanitizing processes have been standardized therefore each customer shall always have the same cleaning procedure and quality on every G-VAP station

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